Steel Buildings

Steel Building Systems

Fast Track Buildings means just that . . . From order entry to delivery at your job site. Because building owners get their buildings faster, completion and occupancy is sooner, and construction costs are lower. Perfect from small to medium applications, Fast Track Buildings provide maximum usable space and design flexibility. The quality and economy of Fast Track Buildings produce benefits for building owners that are unmatched by any other construction system.

Standard Framing Designs

I Straight Column Rigid Frame

Designed for maximum interior clearance at sidewall columns and ease of interior finishing. Used primarily for buildings less than 80′ in width.

3 Tapered Column Rigid Frame3

coltapered Allows maximum use of interior floor space due to greater width capabilities than the Straight Column Rigid Frame. Has the capability to span in excess of 150″.

Multi-Span Rigid Frame

colmulti This type of building us used for customers with extreme width requirements and is designed for economy while limiting interior columns.

Width Extension (Lean-To)

colwidthexp Relying on the main structure for support allows for a building width expansion up to 60′.

Custom Building Systems

HICORP Steel Buildings can also be designed for second floors or mezzanine.

Crane Systems

colcrane1 colcrane2 The HICORP Steel Buildings can be designed for the applications of top-running, under hung or monorail cranes affecting all or just portions of the building.

Pre-Engineered Steel Building Catagories

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